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Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers (Militia)

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At the moment, the database covers the periods 1786-1817, 1872-1887 and 1914-1916. It includes nearly 7000 names.

The information for 1786-1817 and for 1872-1887 is taken from the two Enlistment Registers which cover these periods. The Registers record a lot of information about those enlisting, including date and place of enlistment, as well as age, occupation and height. The early register also gives place of birth and a detailed physical description, while the later one gives address at the time of enlisting and records (for part of the period) whether the new recruit can read and write.

The information for 1914-1916 is taken from a Regimental Roll, which contains very little detail, so you will find only limited information on the database for this period usually only surname, initials, rank and Regimental number.

A note on place names: to make the database as useful as possible to researchers, spellings of place names recorded in the Registers have been modernised where appropriate and where possible. In some cases, it has not been possible to identify the place recorded in the Register, and in these cases the name has been transcribed exactly as written.
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