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Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers (Militia)

Donated Archive Collections

The Castle and Regimental Museum holds a number of smaller collections of archives linked in some way to the Regiment, which have been donated to the museum. There are three collections of significant size – two from landed families connected to the Regiment, and one from a former local business. There are also a large number of small collections of the papers of individuals connected with the Regiment, and some collected research notes of those who have been interested in its history. These records complement the main archive of the Regiment, not only providing further evidence of its activities, but also adding a personal dimension.

A list of the collections follows. You can download a copy of the catalogue of each collection in PDF form by clicking on the link.

Collections from family estates and a local business
Colonel J F Vaughan in the Crimea

Colonel J F Vaughan in the Crimea

DBad Badminton Collection, 1799-1812Download catalogue (PDF)
Duplicates and photocopies of papers held at Badminton House. The Somerset family, Dukes of Beaufort, had a long association with the Monmouthshire Militia. Originally from Raglan, the family seat moved to Badminton in the 1680s, but they retained their interests in Monmouthshire. The 5th and 6th Dukes were Colonels of the Militia from 1771 until 1835.

DVauVaughan Collection, 1828-1940Download catalogue (PDF)
Military papers of the Vaughan family of Courtfield, Welsh Bicknor. The family was closely involved with the Regiment from the early nineteenth century, with four generations serving as officers, and two being Commanding Officers. Of particular significance are the letters and papers of Colonel J F Vaughan, who went to the Crimea and published an anonymous booklet 'The Soldier in Peace and War' on his return.

DVizVizard Collection, 1818-1864Download catalogue (PDF)
Papers relating to the Regiment from Vizards, Solicitors, of Monmouth. The papers include items relating to the medical health of the Regiment, blank war office forms and circulars relating to training days. Some items contain names of members of the Regiment.

Collections of personal papers

DP1Warrant Officer C Williams, personal and army papers, 1903-1920Download catalogue (PDF)
DP2Major H.E. Moore, personal army papers, 1913-1919Download catalogue (PDF)
DP3Lieutenant-Colonel Lawrence Peterson, personal army papers, 1938-1940Download catalogue
DP4Captain F.N. Tanner, scrapbook relating to RMonRE(M) Cadet Corps, 1943-1950Download catalogue (PDF)
DP5Sergeant James William Knight, personal army papers, 1899-1920Download catalogue (PDF)
DP6K.T. Ryan, personal army papers, 1951-1958Download catalogue (PDF)
DP7K. C Roberts, personal army papers, c.1950Download catalogue (PDF)
DP8Sergeant D.H. Cool, personal army papers, 1939-1946 Download catalogue
DP9Lieutenant-Colonel D.A. Smith, personal army papers, 1938-1951Download catalogue
DP10“Jim”, Personal Papers 1919 Download catalogue
DP11Major N. Moody, records relating to First Gulf War, c.1991Download catalogue (PDF)
DP12George Lambert, personal army papers, 1918Download catalogue (PDF)
DP13RSM D.B. Jones, personal army papers, 1918Download catalogue (PDF)
DP14D Bowen, farmer, Monmouth. Papers relating to work of Women's Land Army, 1945Download catalogue (PDF)
DP15Capt. W. Deacon, mentions in despatches, 1940-1945Download catalogue (PDF)
DP16William Williams. Personal Army Papers, 1930-1946Download catalogue (PDF)
DP17Rifleman R.J. Bean, memorial card, n.d. post 1918Download catalogue (PDF)
DP18Meighen family papers, 1887-1975Download catalogue (PDF)
DP19P.A. Brown. Personal Army Papers, 1955-1956Download catalogue (PDF)
DP20Major H.M. Everett. Rules for a good model officer, c.1939Download catalogue (PDF)
DP21A.W. Kissack. Personal Army Papers, 1946Download catalogue (PDF)
DP22Driver W G Cameron, Royal Engineers. Diary, 1915-1997Download catalogue (PDF)
DP23RQMS H.T. Roberts. Personal Army Papers, 1939-1949Download catalogue (PDF)
DP24Mary Beatrice Campbell. Military Entry Permit, Germany 1945Download catalogue (PDF)
DP25Lt. Alan Rannie, reminiscences of life in Monmouth in WW1, n.d. c.1964-1974Download catalogue (PDF)
DP26Major Gavin Low, Personal Army Papers, 1914-1919Download catalogue (PDF)
DP27Richard Willis, Major of the Monmouth Volunteer Infantry, papers, 1799-1804Download catalogue (PDF)
DP28J T Mills of Ebbw Vale, personal army papers, 1943-1949Download catalogue
DP29William David Roberts of Monmouth, personal army papers, 1885-1897Download catalogue
DP30Charles Alsop of Disley, army demobilisation papers, 1919Download catalogue
DP31J E Jones, personal army papers, 1945Download catalogue
DP32Number not used
DP33Sergeant J L Roberts, personal army papers, 1945Download catalogue
DP34George H Goymour of Monmouth, personal army papersDownload catalogue
DP35 Captain H Gill, personal army papers, 1899-1977 Download catalogue
DP36 Sapper Horace Lloyd, personal army papers, 1935-1987 Download catalogue
DP37 Sapper G H Morgan, personal war diary, 1945 Download catalogue
DP38 Sapper E C Sterry, personal army papers, 1933-1949 Download catalogue
DP39 Francis Charles Jones, army attestation paper (incomplete), 1915 Download catalogue
DP40 CSM James Guy, personal army papers, 1897-1945 Download catalogue
DP41 Sapper Kenneth Mervyn Fell, personal army papers, 1939-2003 Download catalogue
DP42 Booklets issued to troops during the campaign in north-west Europe, 1944-1945 Download catalogue
DP43 Charles Edward Roach of Monmouth, personal army papers, 1931-1945 Download catalogue
DP44 L/C Raymond Roderick, letter home from active service, 1943 Download catalogue
DP45 Bernard Francis Gibbons, personal army papers, 1937-1999 Download catalogue

Collections of Research Papers and Notes

DHistHistorical Research Notes and PhotocopiesDownload catalogue
H M Everett's draft for the Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers (Militia) 1908-1967; research notes of Keith Kissack, local historian and historian of the Regiment; and others. Also photocopies collected from other repositories during project 2008/9.

DLumsResearch notes of A A M LumsdaineDownload catalogue
A A M Lumsdaine worked as a civilian at Great Castle House, and carried out research into the history of the Regiment

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