The Regimental Archive of the
Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers (Militia)

The Regimental Archive

The archive includes the following records:
Photograph of several old volumes from the archive
Some of the registers
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Records of Officers' Service, 1787-1997
Gives very brief details of officers' service in the Regiment

Registers of Enlistments, 1786-1817, 1872-1927
These volumes record the names and detailed information of all those enlisting for service

Regimental Rolls, 1913-1916
Lists of men serving in the Regiment at specific dates. Give name and regimental number, but little further information

Adjutants' Monthly Muster Rolls, 1803-1815 and 1856
Include names of officers and men, as well as statistical summary of the strength of the Regiment

Weekly and Monthly Returns to the War Office, 1799-1804, 1812-1815, 1877-1884
Contain names of officers only, and statistics on strength of Regiment

Furlough Register, 1812-1815
Records leave granted to officers and men

Hospital Admission and Discharge Book, 1863-1889
Records names of members of the Regiment who were admitted to hospital, giving brief details of illness

Register of Marriages and Children, 1859-1920
Records details of marriages and children of members of the Regiment

Pay Lists, 1811 and 1831
Includes payments to all members of the Regiment, by name, and other expenses incurred.

Photograph of a Regimental order book, open at pages for May 1812
A Regimental order
book for 1812
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Regimental Order Books, 1805-1815, 1868-1907, 1932-1939, 1972-1976
These books contain copies of notices read to the Regiment or given to individuals, detailing daily activities, orders, and any other information that needed to be conveyed. The location of the Regiment is given at the head of each day's orders

Adjutant's Letter Books, 1852-1854, 1865-1878
Copies of letters sent out by the Adjutant (the administrative officer of the Regiment)

Administrative and service records of the Regiment, including records of reformations and reorganisations, establishment and recruitment, uniforms, operating procedures, training, parades and special events, histories of the Regiment and reports of activities, newsletters and newscuttings, 1874-1990

Records relating to the Regiment in the First and Second World Wars, 1914-1918 and 1939-1947

Records of the Prisoner of War Committee, 1940-1945

Records of the War Memorial Committee, 1922-1970

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In addition to these records which are held at the Castle and Regimental Museum, Monmouth, quite a large number of records relating to the Regiment are held elsewhere. You can see a list of records held elsewhere>

If you are looking for an ancestor who may have served in the Regiment, or if you are researching membership of militia regiments, information on members of the Regiment is available on a searchable database>

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